Zen Chef

What did the Buddha eat?


Well… he surely ate good stuff. Because at that time there were no pesticides, chemical preservatives and genetically engineered foods (a.k.a. Frankenfoods).

Lucky Buddha!

At that time there were also no refrigerators, nor airplanes. So he had to nourish himself with foods that were grown locally and according to the seasons.

That’s right. No pineapples and bananas, had the Buddha lived in Alaska. No buffalo meat, had he lived in Hawaii!

The Zen way of eating follows the cycles of nature and the universal laws of balance of the two opposite and complementary energies, known as yin and yang.

It’s simple and fun to do and it will bring your body and mind back to an optimal level of balance and healing.

Eating whole organic foods, mostly of vegetable quality, will purify the vibrational rate of your body. As a result, you will clear your mind.

And who knows… you may find your way to enlightenment!

Where do I find the ingredients?

All the ingredients listed in the recipes can be easily found at health food stores. You can also shop for fresh organic veggies at your local farmer’s market.