What is this all about?
Rose and Peaches is here to show that the dream of universal love can be really cool!
It’s about using art to make a difference, in this world of wars, hunger and greed.
In a time where parents have no time for their children, where friends have no time to listen to friends, where everyone is rushing and feeling deeply lonely, I think it’s important that people be reminded on a daily basis that love, towards ourselves and others, is an essential part of human existence.

In these modern days we have been programmed to be constantly outside of ourselves, but when we realize that everything starts in the mind, and that we choose at any given moment what kind of thoughts we have, life becomes easier, because we can control at all times in what way reality will affect us. And in most cases we will change our reality as well!

I wanted to offer you a place where you can get inspired, maybe start the day with a special thought you can reflect upon… A place where you will find something for your soul and for your body.
Many more features will be added as time allows.

Why the Buddha? Are you a buddhist?
Not in the religious sense. But I embrace the principles of buddhist philosophy. I chose the Buddha as a mere symbol of universal values.
The Buddha is an invitation to go inside oneself and take responsibility for our own reality. It’s about developing love and compassion. I just wanted to create some art using this concept.

Where do the messages come from?
From the Universe…

Hey, the site looks cool! What software do you use?
I use Photoshop 5.0 for the Buddha graphics and Flash 4 for the animated backgrounds.

Can I use your graphics on my site?
I’m sorry, but all my artwork is protected by U.S. copyright laws and it can’t be used, copied, sold or distributed in any way. If you want to commission me to do some custom artwork for you, feel free to contact me.