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  • December 13, 2017

Selecting A Canopy

April 29, 2017 canopy

A canopy can add a touch of sophistication as well as provide shelter from the elements. A canopy should provide optimum shade and also be a stylish extension your living space. A canopy can help you create your very own outdoor room. There is a …..

Roman Shades Give Old House A Rich Look

April 28, 2017 roman shades

It was a 150-year-old farmhouse and we were lucky to get it. The house had been well cared for, but nonetheless was showing its age. It had been more than a quarter of a century since it had been remodelled. The thing that struck us …..

Window Fashions Are Going Hybrid

April 26, 2017 window treatment

A growing number of products are being created to respond to the demands of environmentally-conscious consumers, as well as those who like styles that blend the old and the new. For example, hybrid-a term often used to describe a type of car designed to appeal …..